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Create animated screensaver with your own pictures


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Cool Captions is a lite program developed to create animated screensavers taht, besides protecting your screen they will give a personal touch to your PC.

If you have get rid of those similar screensavers everybody have got, thanks to Cool Captions you will be able to go away from monotony and create your own 3Dcreation.

Cool Creations includes a text editor so you can add phrases or words which will dance on screen.

Cool Captions includes several options that give t a lot of flexibility when designing your screensavers. You will be able to import your own pictures and videos, supporting the most used multimedia formats (avi, mov, wmv, mp3, wav, etc...).

In addition, you will be able to add the files you want and combine then as you like, obtaining always a different and original result.

30-day trial version

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